Youth Robotics

Click Image Above to Register your FRC Team for the Infinite Recharge Practice Day at AMRoC on Feb. 22

Registration is now open for FIRST Robotics Competition team 5276, the Edgar Allan Ohms, a high school level youth robotics team based at AMRoC Fab Lab.  Please register HERE.

 Please note: Youth Robotics teams seeking build and meeting space, please click here.

Learning Through Competition

Students involved in FIRST, VEX, and other competitive STEM programs usually have so much fun that they don’t realize how much they are learning – which is the whole point.  AMRoC Fab Lab will provide the resources needed by local FIRST teams and others, ages 6 through 18 to design, build, test and practice with their own competitive robots on regulation competition fields. They not only prepare for competition day, but they learn hands-on basic engineering skill sets along the way.

In additional to providing meeting and competition space for VEX and other youth robotics teams in the area, AMRoC Fab Lab will host four FIRST youth robotics teams, one in each FIRST program level: 

No previous experience is necessary, nor is participation in gifted or accelerated programs.  AMRoC Fab Lab welcomes all youth, with the only expectation that all participants abide by our Code of Conduct respecting one another and the mentors and coaches who work with our youth.  Students in the high school level programs, involved in our FIRST teams, are eligible for over $80 million in available scholarships.

If your child is interested in being on one of our FIRST youth robotics teams, please complete the interest form linked below. 



Please Note: Completing this form only indicates interest and does not constitute acceptance of your child on a team. There is an additional application process and required parent orientation. Students in middle school and above must complete their own applications, which will be provided to families upon review of initial interest form.

Registration fees will range from $25 to $100/year per child depending on program level, with need based scholarships available.  No student will be denied the opportunity to participate because of inability to pay. Teams have participation caps (FLL Jr – 6 students, FLL – 10 students, FTC -15 students, FRC -20 students) and are filled on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to University Community area youth. However, if programs fill, we will try to help you start or find other teams to join where possible.

All of our youth robotics programs are guided by the principles, protocols and policies set forth in our AMRoC Youth Robotics Program Handbook, accessible in the link at the left.

Thank you for your interest in our Youth Robotics programs.

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