The Team

We couldn’t do any of the wonderful, fun and amazing things we do at AMRoC Fab Lab without a great core group of team members, presented here with our immense gratitude!


The Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI) Board of Directors oversees the management and operations of AMRoC Fab Lab.  Each member of the board is actively engaged in some aspect of Fab Lab programming and support.

Terri Willingham is  Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI), the nonprofit founder and manager of AMRoC Fab Lab.   At AMRoC she serves as Program Manager, working with collaborative partners to create engaging, fun, and effective capacity-building programs for all ages.  Terri is a writer by trade, with over 30 years of experience in experiential education.  Her book, Library Makerspaces: The Complete Guide (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018) is used as a Library Sciences text nationwide.

Brandy Jackson is our new Program Director at AMroC Fab lab. Ms. Jackson is a veteran STEM educator of 23 years and the founder and CEO of Scoutlier, a learning development, and delivery system. In 2017 she was highlighted as one of the top STEM educators in the world by MIT. In 2020, she was one of the 12 finalists for teacher of the year in HCPS. Her work and learning platform are used by the Office of Naval Research and USF Florida Inventors Hall of Fame to create Rapid Innovation Challenges.

Steve Willingham is a Systems Engineer and has been the key team leader on a wide variety of government projects for satellite communications, military and civil aviation, manned space flight, and commercial venues including insurance, financial services, and medical research. Steve is also the concept and design architect behind Tampa Bay’s precedent setting 10,000 sq. ft. public makerspace at the John F. Germany Library, the Foundry makerspace at Land O’ Lakes Library, and the makerspace at Regency Park Library.  Steve is the founder and Chief Finance Officer of the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI) as well as its capstone program AMRoC Fab Lab. He’s also the Equity in Entrepreneurship program manager. 

Vicky Gonzalez joins the AMRoC Fab Lab team in 2023 as our new Program Director. Previously with Fab Lab Miami, her goal through the end of the year is to establish a core set of classes and programs for those interested in upskilling via the many innovative resources available at AMRoC.

Clinton Millsap is our new Drone Program Coordinator, running both youth and adult programs at AMRoC. He is in Information Technology by trade and has been involved with drone operation, building, and repair since 2015. Clinton is leveraging his passion for technology and flight to inspire those of all ages to get robots off the ground! And he’s doing just that with our inaugural Aerial Drone Competition program, the first in the Tampa Bay area!

Liz Kirby is our AMRoC Fab Lab Sewing Specialist and volunteers her time each week to share her expertise and love of sewing. She has sewed for over 50 years and taught sewing in a fabric store for five years. She has 15 years of experience in the fabric world.

Scott Ertz is the founder and CEO of PLUGHITZ Corporation, a media company and technology consulting firm. PLUGHITZ has been FCDIs Media Partner since our founding in 2015 and has partnered with the AMRoC team much longer, for ROBOTICON and Gulf Coast MakerCon production.  At AMRoC Fab Lab, is our lead technology partner, coordinating techsports, as well as our All the Colors Career Diversity series.

Pam Oakes is an Automotive Standards Expert with nearly 30 years in the industry, owner of U.S. Auto Training and a 4th generation auto tech. She’s author of Car Care for the Clueless and hosts a syndicated radio show by the same name, and the inventor of the Gas Cap Grip.  She serves on the FCDI Board of Directors, and at AMRoC Fab Lab, provides automotive technician certification training.

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