Student Robotics Teams
AMRoC Fab Lab is located in Tampa at the University Square Mall with plenty of free parking and places for parents or guardians to stroll, eat, shop, relax while being onsite with their kids on the team.

Teams may schedule use of AMRoC Fab Lab via our Appointment page.  Meetings and field use may be scheduled in 3 hour time blocks.  Teams can book 1 free meeting a week.  Additional weekly meetings will be billed at the rates shown below.

FRC, FTC & VEX teams and other youth robotics teams can reserve use of fields and machine shop on an hourly basis, or purchase monthly or annual field use passes for relevant use periods, scheduled in advance. Current rates are listed below. Click robot image above to see Facilities Use Policies.


Use Policies 

  1. Teams must schedule field and machine shop use in advance via the AMRoC Fab Lab website via appointment page .
  2. There must be at least 1 supervising adult on site per 10 students.
  3. Teams must adhere to the AMRoC Fab Lab Code of Conduct & Facilities Use policies prior to scheduling and at all times while on site.
  4. Food can be brought in but cannot be consumed in the machine shop. No open beverage containers are allowed anywhere in AMRoC Fab Lab. Food must be disposed of properly, in the cans marked “Food Waste Only”.
  5. Teams must clean up completely when finished, leaving AMRoC Fab Lab in the same or better condition than when they arrived.
  6. AMRoC Fab Lab staff and volunteers are not responsible for damage to team equipment or property. Teams must take full responsibility for all their equipment, and if any is stored on-site, it must all be clearly labeled as team property and be properly locked and secured.
  7. AMRoC Fab Lab is located in a public shopping mall and assumes no responsibility or authority for students outside of the Fab Lab. Teams should have an agreed-upon policy for youth regarding the use of the mall or the food court area.

FRC Teams:

  •  $20 per hour
  •  $100 per day including use of field & shop
  •  $400 per month during build season including use field & shop
  •  $2400 per year , in season and summer use

FTC/VEX Teams:  

  •  $15 per hour
  •  $50 per day including use of field & shop
  •  $250 per month including field & shop
  • $1200 per year, in season and summer use

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