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You can make a donation to FCDI that will be specifically allocated to AMRoC using the PayPal buttons. AMRoC Fab Lab is a program of the nonprofit Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI), a top rated organization at Great Nonprofits, with a solid reputation for delivering strong, effective programs with measurable impact.  All donations to AMRoC Fab Lab via FCDI are tax deductible as permitted by law.  

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In-Kind Support

As we build out the AMRoC Fab Lab, in-kind support is also very important. Donations of a variety of equipment, tools, and resources that align with our programming and are new or gently used and in good, safe, working condition are valuable contributions.  Machine, tool and equipment companies interested in making donations or showroom loans to AMRoC , where we can showcase your equipment as teaching and training tools, in an environment where your clients can see your equipment in action, are also welcome.   Check out our Wish List at right!

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