The transformation continues!  As the year winds to a close, we want to thank all the amazing individuals and organizations who have been helping build AMRoC quite literally from the ground up, out of a former retail shop.

Since October:

  • A couple hundred feet of shelving have been removed and found homes with several area businesses and residences
  • Nearly one hundred mobile wall units have been disassembled, transported and partly reassembled at the Fab Lab
  • The FIRST Robotics Competition field carpet and perimeter have been installed
  • The FIRST Tech Challenge field has been erected along with a FIRST LEGO League table
  • The flooring in back has gotten its first round of power cleaning
  • 20 heavy duty tables have be salvaged and individually repaired by hand
  • A wide array of electrical components have been donated, along with a drill press
  • Two 3D printers have been set up

The progress made in barely two months and still underway wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and support of the amazing board members and friends of Foundation for Community Driven Innovation , University Mall , Jade with Attaché   , Eric Larson from !p , 3D Musketeers , PLuGHiTz Live!   , Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative , eSmart Recycling , Sensible Micro Corporation , Middleton Robotics and the myriad here and there kindnesses of countless others.   Thank you!

Here’s to all the possibilities the new year holds, not the least of which is this opportunity to pay it forward when we open our doors in 2019.