One of our first big fabrication projects was our storefront sign. This turned out to be a great project for engaging new volunteers and capturing the interest of our followers on social media and passersby at the Mall. The sign was built completely from scratch, with MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) scrounged from existing materials in the former sportswear store where AMRoC is located. The frame is built of aluminum porch extrusions.

The sign itself was created by projecting the AMRoC logo onto the MDF board, and then cutting out the letters with small handheld multifunction power tool with a cutting edge attachment. The board was then primed and spray painted with a metallic hammered grey finish. The whole thing was mounted to an opaque acrylic panel, behind which LED light fixtures were mounted. Finished with a white backboard to more evenly reflect the light, our finished sign is a beautiful and fitting piece of functional art, collaboratively built by an amazing group of volunteers who believe deeply in the value of this public Fab Lab space.