Join us the first Friday of each month at 6pm for First Fridays at the Fab Lab, a special speaker series featuring a different topic or presenter each month, on subjects related to invention, innovation, design, entrepreneurship and more.

This month, retired United States Air Force pilot Neil Cosentino shares his vision for an Air & Ground mobility solution for passengers with limited mobility ( PLM). Working for a design for a NASA flight tested Blended Wing Body ( BWB) aircraft, Neil will present his ideas on how it can be modified to solve the safety and mobility of person and passengers with limited mobility.

About Neil

Neil Cosentino is a retired USAF F-4E Phantom pilot with over 6,000 hours ATP, CFII/ME seaplane rated, commercial glider and helicopter, aerospace consultant, CEO of Camelot Florida a think tank, design curator of the Florida Bauhaus, founding member of the Future Air & Surface Transportation Alliance [ FASTA ] Project manager for the JRC-5019C Flagship of the National lnterstate Flyways System – the NIFS.

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