November 15 is National Recycling Day, and November is e-Recycling Month,  a great time to revisit how we recycle, reuse and repurpose the disposable items of our lives.  Throughout Tampa Bay, significant efforts are underway to reduce the use of plastics, from bags to straws.  One category that’s become an increasing area of concern is ewaste – the residue of our rapidly outdated electronics.  According to the  Global E-waste Statistics Partnership, “The world discards approximately 50 million tonnes of e-waste annually, an amount greater than the weight of all commercial airlines ever made. ”

Disposed of properly, however,  the e-waste industry offers an opportunity for everything from resource renewal to  jobs creation and, in the case of eSmart Recycling, transforms legacy equipment, excess inventory and technology surplus into catalysts for change for youth around Tampa Bay and beyond.  That’s why AMRoC Fab Lab is proud to be an eSmart Community Drop Off Partner. 

eSmart Recycling is an award-winning social enterprise committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering children  through technology and sustainable education. They do this by recycling computers, electronics, IT equipment and surplus inventory from organizations and community advocates all over the country, and then finding creative ways to monetize and generate revenue on the inbound material. Afterwards, a large portion goes toward funding technology incubators for children without access to resources here in Tampa Bay and worldwide.

AMRoC has been the beneficiary of some of eSmart’s charitable support, with the computer used by children in our FIRST LEGO League Jr, and FIRST LEGO League programs having been donated by eSmart earlier this year.

Now we’re happy to provide a place for people in the University Area Community to bring their old electronics, to be repurposed into opportunities for more children. We can accept computers, keyboards, mice, circuit boards, monitors (except CRTs) , printers, scanners, copiers and basically any electronics.

You can drop off your electronics anytime during open hours (11am to 8pm Tuesday to Saturday).  Thanks for helping the planet, and the children of Tampa Bay!