As of March 20, AMRoC Fab Lab is open by appointment  only until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding.  Check out this article for projects and resources during our shared downtime, and stay connected on our social media.  

—–> AMRoC Health & Safety Protocols<——–


Like other organizations and companies, the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation, which manages AMRoC Fab Lab, has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and implementing best practices wherever possible. We’ve always cleaned the Fab Lab daily, including sweeping, wiping down tables, bathrooms and handles  with disinfecting wipes and sprays, and emptying trash. LEGOs are disinfected regularly, as well, and we’ve always had sanitizing hand cleaner easily available to all guests. Additionally, the Fab Lab is more deeply cleaned once a month, including sanitizing chairs, tables and bathrooms and commonly used tools, along with handles and knobs, with disinfectant cleaners and antiviral sprays. Because public visits to AMRoC are typically sporadic during the week, and we can control in-house meetings, we are not closing AMRoC Fab Lab at this time, but implementing some scheduling and facility use changes, and beefing up sanitation practices.  While we want to be proactive in doing our part for the health and safety of the public, we also believe there is important psychological and social value in having AMRoC Fab Lab open in a responsible manner.

What We’re Doing

Social distancing for the greater good. Waves are as good as hugs and handshakes right now.

So for the foreseeable future we are:

  • Limiting meetings and workshops to no more than 20 10 people at any given time.
  • Arranging for wider spaced seating at work tables.
  • Advising those over the age of 60 to not participate in AMRoC group events, and those showing signs of illness to stay home.
  • Setting up more hand sanitation and work area cleaning stations, along with health and hand washing notices throughout.
  • Advising group facilitators to clean and sanitize areas after use, with the approved cleaning supplies we provide.
  • Removing the LEGOs , those tiny little vectors of germs, from the LEGO table for a while. They’re cleaned regularly but under the circumstances, we feel it’s wise to socially distance them from the public for a while.

Elbow bumps are good, too!

What You Can Do

Ultimately, it is up to individuals to stay intelligently informed, practice safe hygiene and take precautions urged by the CDC and local health departments to prevent the spread of illnesses like the flu and COVID-19. To that end, we ask that volunteers and visitors greet with elbow and fist bumps instead of handshakes and hugs,  sanitize their hands upon entering the Fab Lab and when leaving, wash hands regularly as directed, while on site, and  avoid visiting if you’re not feeling well.

Stay Informed

At AMRoC Fab Lab, we believe in the importance of good, evidence-based, scientific research and data.  Some good resources for accurate information and guidance about COVID-19 include:

We take your health seriously, and hope you do, and urge everyone to take common sense measures to protect themselves and others. Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and follow along here on our website and social media for timely news and updates, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.