People have been sending us inquires about items that might be useful to donate to AMRoC to help with COVID-19 relief supplies production, for which we’re very grateful. To help you help us to better help others (it’s Helpers all the way down!), we’ve put together this short list (links are for reference only, and need not be sourced from the referenced site):

  • 0.5 mm to 0.007″ thick PETG (plastic) sheeting
  • 3D printer filament
  • Latex-free elastic band – 1” wide
  • Polyurethane foam – for cushioning against the face – 1” thick
  • HEPA MERV 10 filters – AC type fine
  • Cotton or cotton/poly woven and flannel fabric
  • Bias tape or 2” width fabric strips
  • Ziplocks or other resealable bags – quart size to gallon and up

We can also use more masks and gloves for AMRoC staff and volunteers, to help keep our production line clean and protected.

If you can help, please contact Terri Willingham at . If you’re interested in volunteering skills or time, please register on our volunteer page .

You can see our full list of COVID-19 related capabilities here, and our Safety Protocol for producing them here.

Thank you, and stay safe and healthy!