One of the things that puts the fabulous in our Fab Lab is our amazing team of Community Partners. Even as COVID-19 has necessitated new ways to provide resources and programming,  our great partners keep making it possible to do so.  One of our newest partners is STEMVision, a student run nonprofit organization committed to bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math within reach of more youth.

STEMVision is run by a group of dedicated students from several Tampa area schools, and a student team in India, all motivated by the need to stay socially engaged and productive,  even while having to remain socially distant. STEMVision seeks “to provide free STEM educational support to a diverse community of global learners with accessible STEM opportunities to foster success for all.”    Their vision of “a STEM world without any disparity, where the world’s workforce can easily support the growing global digital economy” is certainly one that AMRoC Fab Lab can get behind, so we were happy to join in when they reached out seeking partnership.

We’ve already got STEMVision’s great line up of June programming on the AMRoC Fab Lab calendar.  The online classes, all free, range from analytical math for early elementary students to programming with the Mindstorms EV3 and programming in Python.  You can see descriptions of all their classes at  and register for the sessions of your choice here.

Please join us in welcoming STEMVision to the AMRoC Fab Lab Partner Community!