Trinity Dragons SOFIC Challenge robot.

August is American Artist Appreciation Month  and we’re celebrating at AMRoC –  with a twist.. American artists have embraced a variety of art like painting, quilting, sculpture, photography, etching, textile art and more, across styles like Postmodernism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, and Cubism. The Art of AMRoC celebrates the diverse and unique style of our mechanical, technical and multifaceted mixed media community with an eclectic and we hope fun and enjoyable display in our showcase window at University Mall.

In our window display, you’ll find artwork from students at Prodigy Arts,  artful engineering from some of our youth robotics teams like Team Duct Tape (whose over a decade old duct tape banner graces the top of the display), and Trinity Dragons award winning SOFIC Challenge swagbot, as well as a variety of other pieces, including the amazing work of Nelson Perez.

We’re super excited about Nelson’s work.  Our signature AMRoC Fab Lab mural, along the back wall of the Fab Lab,  was made by Nelson, whose work represents well the eclectic nature of the work we do at AMRoC. Vodka Bacon Studios was founded by Nelson Perez (artist) and Jason Skrbec (partner) in 2012. It started as a name for their Etsy site (closed) because Nelson felt it was too pretentious to go under “Nelson Perez Art”. So they named it after two things they love, vodka and bacon!

Nelson Perez has gained recognition across the United States with his whimsical, urban, cartoon style pop artistry. His art is a combination of pop, surrealism, contemporary, urban and whimsical influences. The artwork consists of bright, colorful, smile provoking pieces that leave viewers with a sense of joy and optimism. Besides using MAGIC to produce 3D paintings over many years, Nelson’s procedure is based upon colors through a special prism-like holographic film fitted into glasses.

Nelson plans his paintings from beginning to end with layers of acrylic paint to build colors, highlight and shadow his subject matters to create the illusion of forward and backward realistic three-dimensional pleasure. Nelson’s technique allows the paintings to be enjoyed with or without 3D glasses, with no blurring, double images or any obvious visual disorientation.  (Our AMRoC Fab Lab mural is 3-dimensional and can be fully enjoyed with the 3D glasses we keep at the counter!)

​​”Our purpose is to have local art projects and events that reflect the ideology of Vodka Bacon Studios, which is simply to enjoy life and bring everyone along. In a world filled with alarming political and environmental concerns, art can be the ultimate vacation.”

And we seriously all need a vacation right now!  So be sure to visit Nelson’s website to see his full gallery and to purchase any of his fantastic work.

Our Art of AMRoC display will change a bit throughout the month, so be sure to peek in whenever you’re there for fun and inspiration!