Our next Equity in Entrepreneurship Business Spotlight features Essential You Yoga.  Owner and instructor Libby Creagh came to the EE program in an effort to help pivot her yoga company to provide more online offerings as COVID-19 necessitated a new model for group meditation and yoga, as well as offering an opportunity to improve collaboration between wellness professionals. .

“I want to create a website to facilitate conscious collaboration between yoga and wellness professionals,” says Libby, ” so that they can diversify their wellness offerings and increase their professional knowledge and contact base.”

“Too often, wellness professional create small events that are solo-run or they attempt to collaborate with other wellness professionals, but run into issues due to lack of communication or knowledge about how to offer a successful event.
It’s not uncommon for most wellness professionals to not collaborate because they don’t have access to knowledgeable people to encourage them on the value and logistics of collaborating.

“I want to help wellness professionals offer more elaborate events and build their knowledge base in order to make better, more diverse offerings to the community.

“I envision doing this by building a professional website and app that will encourage wellness professionals to consciously collaborate. Along with networking potential, this website will facilitate greater communication by providing a framework in which people who are novices at collaborating will be guided to answer questions in a template designed for success. Users will also have access to legal templates in order to both protect intellectual property and finances and marketing templates designed to help them have successful, well-attended events.”

Because this effort is a complete pivot from her previous work, Libby says she appreciates the EE brainstorming experience in helping her take her experience and knowledge and apply it in a way that meets her passion in helping to build conscious community. She’s said she’s “eager to learn what I don’t know and connect with others who can help me create my vision.”

In recent weeks, Libby has created a 10 Day Reiki Detox, designed to help participants release self-limiting beliefs and habits using tools from Reiki, yoga, and meditation.   Register by November 4th for discounted rates, at mariposasretreats.com/reiki-detox .

She has also created two virtual series for yoga and meditation: Yoga for You is an 8 class series designed for people new to yoga or who are returning to the practice after having spent some time away, and Meditate Now is an 8 class series designed for those new to meditation. More information on those series can be found here:  essentialyouyoga.com/classes-events   Each series comes with an accompanying e-book.

Be sure to check out Libby’s 1 Million Cups presentation on December 2, to learn more about her journey and Essential You Yoga.

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