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The purpose of this page is to provide an easy-to-access resource for both the Tampa Bay health-care community, and for those seeking to help the health care community with their time and skills.

Here you can find a directory of community resource providers with contact information, and a collection of curated resources on making needed PPE and related equipment and items.  We hope this page makes it easier for those needing help, to connect with those trying to help.

We are Consolidated for COVID.

Read AMRoC Fab Lab’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy Here.

Follow the Curve

For information about current COVID-19 rates in Florida and other state specific information, please visit the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Response website.  Click on the image above to see latest tracking statistics on the Florida  COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard

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Mourning America is a tribute site whose mission is “to bring faces to the numbers. Every man woman, and child deserves to have their story told and remembered, to bring faces to the numbers.”

Every Dot Is a Person. Every Person Has a Story.
Please share their story.
If you have lost a loved one click below to add their name and story.


Directory of COVID-19 Community-based Resource Suppliers in Tampa Bay

Note to healthcare providers seeking resources and PPE support: Please be aware that the majority of items listed here by the groups providing them are being assembled in homes, makerspaces and fab labs with every best intent to produce them in a safe manner, to be as useful as possible. Unless otherwise noted, items are intended as stop gap solutions only, to back fill when approved medical supplies are unavailable or in critically short supply.  


COVID-19 Innovation Challenges

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