We’ve got some amazing program partners at AMRoC Fab Lab.  Grant Posner, of 3D Musketeers (3DM)  has been a big part of the AMRoC community, volunteering to help with youth robotics teams, provide outreach at our open house events, and now teaching classes.  Grant’s 3D printing expertise ranges from work at MOSI to building his own companies, which included working with the likes of The Smithsonian, Steve Aoki, the Tupac Family, University of Tampa, and more,helping Grant establish himself as a leader in the Full Color 3D Printing industry while simultaneously working on gaining knowledge for other technologies in the industry as the industry itself matured.

Today, 3DM is a product development company that takes ideas from Art to Part, helping businesses and people become purposefully profitable in their product development stages, as well as helping bridge the gap between engineers and business owners by simplifying complex engineering drawings and presenting them utilizing various types of 3D technology in both physical and digital mediums.  He’ll be offering three different classes at AMRoC, starting this month.

3D Printing for Kids – every 2nd Thursday

Great for ages 8-14, this introductory level class will be offered every 2nd Thursday, and will help students learn the basics of bringing their design ideas to life.  The class costs $20 and will cover:

  •  3D Printing basics: simple techs, how they work. Intro to Tinkercad.
  • Show  failures and why they occur, simplified.
  • Show and tell, and Q and A


3D Printing for Adults-every 4th Thursday

For those ages 15 and up, this class will help students gain a heightened understanding of what is possible with 3D Printing and how the technologies work to create the parts. Students will also get a look at some of the failures of the basic techs (FDM and SLA) and how to combat them,  Slicer’s their benefits and drawbacks and Design software basics

Product Development – Every 3rd Wednesday 

This class for adults offers a road map for success when it comes to taking ideas from Art to Part. Includes step by step guidelines on what to expect and potential costs for each step based on data from 3DM clients. Time permitting, detailed Q and A’s regarding inventions by members of the audience.

You can see more upcoming classes and programs here and register for any or all of them by clicking on the button below.