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AMRoC Fab Lab is a 7500 sq. ft. public Fabrication Laboratory in Tampa, FL., and while the Fab Lab is principally an educational and small scale production facility, it can be scaled at the community level with additional staffing and materials support, as needed.

To that end, AMRoC Fab Lab is prepared to assist however possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Managed by the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation,  an independent, non-governmental nonprofit organization,  AMRoC is agile and adaptive. The facility can retool for additional equipment and has a strong array of partners. Additionally, the Fab Lab has a solid professional staff and a strong volunteer base from which to draw.

With public programs currently suspended, AMRoC Fab Lab can be employed as a small-scale community-based factory to supplement and support larger efforts, and to fill in gaps where identified. The facility is within three miles of the University of South Florida, Advent Hospital, James Haley VA Hospital, Shriner’s Healthcare for Children, and Moffitt Cancer Center.

Equipment includes:
  • 3D printer farm– 6 filament machines and 4 Phrozen resin printers
  • Sewing machines – 6
  • Laser cutter – desktop
  • Machine shop equipment – saws, drill press, hand and power tools
  • Electronics lab
  • Computer lab

At this time, AMRoC can support small scale but steady production of:

  • 3D printed respirator valves
  • 3D printed ventilator and other medical equipment parts
  • 3D printing & sewing of PPE parts and elements
  • Sewing of supplemental face masks

Plus the following capabilities, in-house and through partner resources::

Electronic Capabilities
  • EDA (skilled in Eagle, KiCAD and DipTrace)
  • Scalable PCB Sourcing/Manufacturing
  • PCBA Through-hole soldering and re-flow SMD soldering
CAD Capabilities
  • Design for FDM and SLA 3D Printing
  • Design for CAM or hand manufacturing
  • CAM Capabilities
Laser cutting
  • Plastics, Aluminum, Steel up to 3/8″
Software Development
  • Full Stack Rapid Application Development (Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and more)
  • Progressive Web Application development (React, VueJS or Svelte)
  • Native Application Development (Android, IOS, or Universal)
  • Embedded application development (Based on Arduino, FreeRTOS, Mbed or other related frameworks)

More capabilities can be supported with additional equipment and approved materials.


FCDI and AMRoC Fab Lab have a diverse directory of partnerships, including:

  • eSmart Recycling
  • Hillsborough County Office of Economic Development
  • Inventorium
  • PLUGHITZ Corporation
  • Prograde Labs
  • Synapse Florida
  •  Tampa Innovation Partnership
  • The CEL (Community Engagement Lab)
  • The Lightning Foundation
  • Ultimate 3D Printer Store
  • U.S. Auto Training
  • University of South Florida College of Business
  • University of South Florida College of Engineering
  • University of South Florida Research and Innovation

Each of these partners, and a few others, bring expertise, and access to resources, equipment, and more to programs and projects developed at or run from AMRoC.

Contact Information

If your medical or community facility needs additional technical support related to COVID-19 relief and support needs, please let us know. If we can’t help, we’re happy to tap into our extensive community network of partners and associates to find someone who can.

Terri Willingham – Executive Director, Foundation for Community Driven Innovation