One of the things we miss most at AMRoC Fab Lab right now are our youth robotics students. We miss their energy and enthusiasm, seeing them light up when their projects work, when a mechanism functions as it should, or a program delivers flawlessly.

As our students’ school years wind up, in a way we know neither they nor their families ever expected, we want to take a little time here to recognize the four house teams at AMRoC Fab Lab and their wonderful accomplishments this year.  Please join us in celebrating all these remarkable students!

FIRST LEGO League Jr. Team #19701
The Pikachu Boomtown Fennekin Raptors

This rookie FLL Jr team leaped into their season with all the big energy of their giant team name!  The earned the Team Spirit award at ROBOTICON 2019,  and took home an awesome judges trophy at their first official event earlier this year.  Please join us in congratulating the PBFRs on their great first season. We can’t wait to see them in action next season!

FIRST LEGO League Team #45752 – Carbon

FLL Team Carbon was also new to the FIRST youth robotics experience this season.  They worked hard to learning how to program their robot and how to work together as a team.  They did well at their competition and we’re excited to see how they apply their new skills next season, too!

FIRST Tech Challenge Team #2845 Team Duct Tape

 FTC Team Duct Tape kicked off their 12th season this year, their first full season in their new home at AMRoC Fab Lab.  The team had a great season, earning their way to the Florida State Championship in Jacksonville back in February, after being on the Winning Alliance for their local League Championship.  At the State Championship, they went head to head with the 60 best teams in the state (out of over 200), and made it all the way to the finals matches – a huge achievement.  Depending on how summer programs are able to progress, you may see Team Duct Tape helping out at some of our summer camp programs.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team #5276
The Edgar Allan Ohms

The Edgar Allan Ohms had some of the hardest engineering challenges, and also the shortest season of any of our teams, as the COVID-19 pandemic ended their season before they and other students in the FIRST Robotics Competition program could compete in March.

Disappointed but discouraged, the team jumped right into their next projects, organizing storage at AMRoC and building a custom Field Management System (FMS) for the practice field at the Fab Lab.  That project requires a sophisticated level of programming that the Ohms have mastered, and we’re excited about implementing their FMS on the AMRoC field. The Ohms also provided extensive outreach at the Synapse Summit back in February and had a big role in our Fox 13 News coverage in February as well.

Open recruitment for all our teams will start this summer. Visit our Youth Robotics page to sign up for announcements .

We’re proud of all our youth robotics teams, who did a terrific job learning, sharing with other teams and giving back to their community, and we’re excited to work with them again next season and watch their engineering skills grow!