We kick off May with something completely different – The Deconstruction.  The Deconstruction is a creative collaboration event typically held online and in person. AMRoC founders had participated in Deconstructions past, years ago, and are happy to return to this wonderful decentralized uncompetition again this year.  And especially this year, when the topic is Deconstructing Distance. The idea of the game is to bring something into the world that didn’t exist before – a work of art, a performance, an invention.  This year, that’s a particularly interesting challenge, because we have to do something together while apart.  There are over 50 teams from around the world participating.  About half of them have team profiles and livestreams up at the Deconstruction website. The whole thing is big tapestry of creative spirit and we’re delighted to be a part of it all. It’s a refreshing change from the stress and angst of dealing with COVID-19 challenges.

Slow Your Roll

A high school teacher and his children drop off finished 3D printed protective face shields for the MRG3D project, at AMRoC Fab Lab.

Our project, however, is inspired by these same COVID-19 challenges. For the past 6 weeks or so, we’ve been partnered with an amazing community effort called MRG3D, which has so far delivered over 18,000 protective face shields to hospitals and health care workers throughout Tampa Bay and central Florida.

At AMRoC Fab Lab, we’re coordinating off-site volunteers, a 3D Printing Brigade of nearly 30 individuals running close to fifty 3D printers supporting MRG3D’s main facility with 14 3D printers that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This distributed community factory is part of the inspiration for Slow Your Roll – a sort of parable of our times, that we hope will inspire people to take a step back and think about things in a slightly different way.

MRG3D inspires all of us to put others first – front line health care workers, hospitals, and agencies that work with the homeless, and then the volunteers who are helping the helpers.  And it’s just one example of many other community efforts, like Feeding Tampa Bay, that are filling in the gaps in community service.

So Slow Your Roll flips the script on things a bit, and asks us all to be square and share, because more than anything else, as COVID-19 has shown us, we really need each other, and should take care of each other.  Sometimes that means we have to give up some of our creature comforts, but there’s no reason we can’t keep the joy and laughter flowing in the process.

Watch live video from PLuGHiTzLive on www.twitch.tv

Meet Team AMROC

We have an amazing team for this creative endeavor! In keeping with our distributed model of making, our team members hail from all over Tampa Bay, and are participating in this project remotely.  Join us in celebrating them!

  • Scott Ertz of PLUGHITZ Live Radio, making our Livestream and our submission video awesome!

    Brainstorming remotely

  • Marissa Schiereck –  FIRST alum, FIRST VISTA, AMRoC intern – the list is endless
  • Steve WillinghamFoundation for Community Driven Innovation Board chair,   AMRoC Fab Lab co-founder, electrical engineer by trade, maker of anything and everything
  • Larsha Johnson – electrical engineer, entrepreneur, founder and owner of Bits 4 Bots,  friend of AMRoC since we opened our doors, and one of the most technically creative people we know
  • Pam Oakes with Peter Sudak – Pam is a new FCDI Board member, and an awesome automotive expert, as is Peter, both with US Auto Training , who provide our automotive repair certification test prep classes
  • Sheena Lofton with her daughter Rosalyn and maybe some guest appearances from the rest of her amazing family – Sheena helps coach our FIRST LEGO League Jr team at AMRoC and Rosalyn is a member of our FIRST LEGO League Team Carbon. Sheena is also the founder of Pasco County Agents for Change
  • Joshua Newby – who runs Tampa Drones, which we’re looking forward to doing some great projects with at AMRoC
  • Chris Willingham – Programmer by birth and trade, ,also a maker of all things and owner of Prograde Laboratories

You can follow along for the weekend at our Livestream at the Deconstruction and look for our big “Slow Your Roll” reveal Sunday afternoon!

In the meantime – roll with kindness.