During our Month of Making, in celebration of National Inventors Month, we’re excited to be teaming up with some of our great community partners on a variety of projects and programs.  One of our newest Uptown Tampa Community Collaborative partners is New Tampa Players, setting up stage at the east end of University Mall (soon to be RITHM at Uptown).

New Tampa Players‘ production of the play Bloom, written by Andrew Morton, centers on a community container garden. The characters in the show work on the garden throughout the performance and the garden is shown in different stages of growth throughout the play.  (You can also audition for the show here.)

The Spring Prop Challenge

The character in the production is a retired man, who would not have a large income.  With that in mind, the New Tampa Players Spring Prop Challenge invited participants to make a planter that is

  • At least 18 inches tall,18 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.
  • The top of the planter must be wide enough to allow a 9 inch diameter potted plant to put inside the planter.
  • The planter can be any of standard shape.
  • Please use calm colors to decorate the planter.
  • The decoration should not distract the audiences’ eye from the scene and should blend with the rest of the set. We plan for the set to consist mainly of raised wooden garden beds.
  • The planter can be of any material that is safe for a plant and should not be made of overly-expensive materials.

Entries will be judged by Bloom’s the director and props person, on the basis of:

  • Ability to be used on the set
  • Ability to blend with the rest of the set and not distract the audience from the scene
  • Creativity
  • Artistic sense

The deadline for submission is June 20th. Submit your design and a photo or drawing of your design via the form link below:

Submit Your Design by June 20

Props for Entries, Spotlight for Winner

  • All entries will be featured on New Tampa Players’ Social Media.
  • All competitors will be able to reserve time to use AMRoC Fab Lab at no cost throughout May to work on their design, with up to 12 hours of free 3D printing included.

A winner will be announced on July 1st via New Tampa Players’ social media.

  • Winning entry will be featured in every performance of New Tampa Players’ Bloom. Performance Dates are July 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20th.
  • Winning team will receive two free tickets to a performance of Bloom.

Good luck, and have fun!