Like the rest of the world, we’re looking forward to putting 2020 behind us for all the obvious reasons.  But we’d be remiss to not express our immense gratitude to all our amazing community partners who shared so generously of their time, expertise and financial contributions and made it possible for us to do an extraordinary amount of good in the face of extraordinary challenges.  And there were certainly some wonderful moments, like the Mayor’s visit in November and our Deconstruction project, that brightened the year!

FCDI/AMRoC Fab Lab 2020 Highlights

Among our achievements this year:

Just for Fun

Over the summer, we put our social distancing to entertaining ends by participating in The Deconstruction.  We got the Megagroup Project Award, which included a $500 donation to the COVID-19 charity of our choice – which was MRG3D.

Memorable Moment

One of our favorite things this year was getting a visit from Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, who toured AMRoC Fab Lab in November and met with some of our Equity in Entrepreneurship participants and robotics team students.  We were especially delighted that she agreed to a short interview with FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA Marissa Schiereck, for ROBOTICON, which was underway that week, and especially enjoyed her description of AMRoC as a “STEM-basedPlayground“.


New for 2021

As we head into the new year, we’re excited about continuing our old programs and launching some new and updated ones, including:

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Happy New Year from all of us at FCDI and AMRoC Fab Lab!

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